In opdracht van Felix van Cleeff verzorgt Loudness het sound design en de audio postproduktie van de prijswinnende experimentele film: “Eventide”


Two young lovers are making a journey through the desert, not specifically going anywhere, in search of freedom.
She is very alive and energetic, continuously asking for his affection. He is quiet, mysterious and non-communicative.
What starts as a time of paradise, slowly dissolves into a story of despair and the impossibility of love, as they drift apart from each other.


“Eventide was made out of idealistic belief in the magical power that true artistic cinema can have. My team and I made the film completely outside the system without government or industry funding. The small budget that we had was raised by private funding. Everyone – actors/crew/post-production team – worked on this film for free out of passion for independent auteur cinema. Inspired by mavericks like Cassavetes, Hopper and Godard we set out on our journey, filming in a foreign country and at times risking everything for the power of expression.” (director Felix van Cleeff)